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Sunday, 9 July 2017

English To Urdu Dictionary & Translator Download

7:21 pm
Nowadays English is more Important Language and it is Useful and also everyone wants to learn English, So for learning English you should memorize the English Words which you can easily learn it in this Dictionary which I am going to add The Download Link Below and you can easily download it from the below link.
English to Urdu Dictionary Download
So first of all, going to explain something about English to Urdu Dictionary And Translator.
This Software is mostly useful and approved all over the world and there is a lot of options in which you can easily use it.

There is a great option in which you can easily convert any English word to Urdu and it will give the English word meaning in Urdu word. You can Easily Translate your English Phrases to Urdu Phrases very easily just by clicking on the translator button on the Dictionary.
Download English to Urdu Dictionary & Translator

You can easily open the dictionary just by clicking on the F8 Key on your Keyboard and also if you are online and faced some difficult word, then select it and click on the F8 key. So the meaning of that word will show automatically On your computer's Desktop.

Using this Software is very easy and if you have any question or want some tips about it then just comment below, I am here to give the answer of your Question.

Download Link is below.

English To Urdu Dictionary & Translator Download

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  1. Most of the sites offer different softwares to download but when you go to that site the link broken option shown to you.You can download different rare software on download software


  2. GUYS The link for the file given above is unfortunately not working! Anyway, good thing I looked up for the file and I FOUND THE WORKING, LEGIT one! Sharing the direct link to you below:



    really useful dictionary!! :)

  3. for softwares

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